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Karen Smiley
Ms. Smiley is a creative technologist with broad and deep global experience in the full development lifecycle for multi-platform hardware-software systems. She currently leads global teams that architect and prototype advanced industrial analytics and toolsets to discover and integrate technical knowledge in software product lines, encompassing system and service offerings. Karen is an accomplished mentor, teacher, author, manager, coach, architect, and data scientist who still enjoys creating software, analyzing data, and above all, meeting challenges and solving problems. She holds five US patents to date for software technology innovations and has authored or co-authored over 25 academic and industrial publications.
Here are some recent highlights of Karen's accomplishments:
  • (*) Awarded two new US patents: 9,547,695 (Industrial Asset Event Chronology) and 9,418,183 (Model development environment for assisting user in developing model describing condition of industrial asset)
  • Contributing author to MESA Asset Performance Management 2.0 white paper #1
  • Lead author at CSED'16 on "From Ideas to Implementations: Closing the Gaps between Technical Experts and Software Solutions", presented at ICSE 2016 CSED (Continuous Software Evolution and Delivery) by co-author Pankesh Patel
  • Lead author and presenter at SPLC 2015 on "Evolving an Industrial Analytics Product Line Architecture"
  • Active contributor through 2016 in MESA Asset Performance Management 2.0 Working Group and XML Working Group
  • Lead author of 2014Q1 ABB Review article, "Picture of health" on industrial analytics and asset health management
  • Lead author of WICSA 2014 paper, "A Dynamic Software Product Line Architecture for Prepackaged Expert Analytics"
  • Presenter and panelist at SEPG 2012
  • Co-author on SEKE 2012 paper, "Forecasting Fault Events in Power Distribution Grids Using Machine Learning"
  • Panelist at INCOSE IS 2011 on "Is Requirements Engineering Really Necessary?"" (top 3 takeaways)
  • Building my network on ResearchGate and a shareable reference library on Mendeley
  • Mentoring Jaki on agile product management - welcome to agileteams, Jaki!

For more information, see Karen Smiley's LinkedIn profile. You may message Karen there; contact Karen on twitter or ResearchGate; connect to Agile Teams on Facebook; or email her at firstname at agileteams dot com.

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