upcoming events in Requirements

REFSQ’11 (Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality) in Essen, Germany, March 28-30, 2011: Calls for empirical proposals are being accepted now through January 7 (I’m on the Empirical Research Fair program committee). The Empirical Research Fair is new in 2011, and is intended to offer “lively discussion between academics and industrials to identify the right context for empirical studies” as well as identifying “empirical studies that can be conducted during the REFSQ 2011 itself”. Are you a researcher seeking to address the needs of people doing real requirements engineering in practice? Or an industry practitioner who would like to find an academic or two interested in RE research that’s genuinely relevant to your business? See the call for proposals, and please consider submitting one!

INCOSE (International Council on systems Engineering) IS2011 in Denver, CO, June 20-23, 3011: I’ve beenĀ  invited to participate in a proposed Requirements Engineering panel at the 21st INCOSE International Symposium. My point of view will focus on bringing an agile perspective to the topic of requirements engineering in systems engineering. This promises to be great fun if our proposal is accepted (we’ll find out around Feb. 22). We hope to generate some light, with minimal heat, in the discussion. Oh, and if you’ve been working on advancing the state of the art in engineering critical systems, check out the call for papers: they’re looking for a diverse range of submissions (due Nov. 3).