Agile Teams
TSP-EF: the Team Software Process () Evaluation Framework
(work in progress)
Karen Smiley, Jan Höglund, and
TSP-EF (pronounced tee-speff) is designed to complement and extend, for the , the family of Evaluation Frameworks being developed under the auspices of ' .
It is a tool to support SEI-authorized TSP Coaches in quantitatively analyzing how well their teams are adhering to the principles and practices of and . This enables mid-course project corrections which should improve the likelihood of the project team's success.
In the longer term, aggregation of a body of industry TSP-EF data will support analyses of which practice and context factors are the most important in achieving good or outstanding outcomes.
TSP-EF is being developed in collaboration with the SEI and NCSU, as part of Karen Smiley's work in ABB Corporate Research and as a with Dr. Williams.

If you are interested in obtaining TSP-EF, send email to and we will notify you when it is released. You must be a current SEI-authorized TSP Coach (as confirmed by the SEI Online Partner Directory of TSP Coaches) and must agree to the Terms of Use (see draft TOU).
Discussions which were in progress with SEI to make the TSP-EF materials readily available, via the SEI online repository for authorized TSP Coaches, are inactive. If you are interested, please notify Karen and the SEI that you'd like to have the materials available.