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Latest changes to this site:

  • 20120204 – Updated people pages to centralize use of photos to be solely within the control of each person.
  • 20100806 – Added links to FriendFeed, Facebook, and wordpress blogs.
  • 20100511 – Migrating the formerly static Publications page to this blog. PDF and DOI links will be added here over time; in the meantime, many older PDF links are available through the old static page.
  • 20100426, 20010510 – We are proud to welcome Prateeti Mohapatra and Petra Björndal to the Agile Teams blog!
  • 20090307 – Fixed flaw in the AddThis widget PHP code, which was not properly hiding its Javascript on archive and category pages – also removed extraneous bullets on those entries.
  • 20090228 – Tried, with only limited success, the Global Translator plugin (now at the very bottom of the right sidebar for only a few languages, if you want to try it out). Especially for the Asian languages, the automated translations are just not yet ‘ready for prime time’. Thanks to all of the native speakers who helped ‘test’ this for {SV IT ES FR PL HI EL DE zh-CN zh-TW KO JA}!
  • 20090120 – Integrated Twitter widget into the top of the right sidebar.
  • (see the static what’s new page for the earlier change history)