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(*) Here’s what’s new with Karen Smiley of Agile Teams:

  • Awarded two new US patents: 9,547,695 (Industrial Asset Event Chronology) and 9,418,183 (Model development environment for assisting user in developing model describing condition of industrial asset)
  • Contributing author to MESA Asset Performance Management 2.0 white paper #1
  • Lead author at CSED’16 on “From Ideas to Implementations: Closing the Gaps between Technical Experts and Software Solutions”, presented at ICSE 2016 CSED (Continuous Software Evolution and Delivery) by co-author Pankesh Patel
  • Lead author and presenter at SPLC 2015 on “Evolving an Industrial Analytics Product Line Architecture”
  • Active contributor in MESA Asset Performance Management 2.0 Working Group and XML Working Group
  • Lead author of 2014Q1 ABB Review article, “Picture of health” on industrial analytics and asset health management
  • Lead author of WICSA 2014 paper, “A Dynamic Software Product Line Architecture for Prepackaged Expert Analytics”
  • Presenter and panelist at SEPG 2012
  • Co-author on SEKE 2012 paper, “Forecasting Fault Events in Power Distribution Grids Using Machine Learning”
  • Panelist at INCOSE IS 2011 on “Is Requirements Engineering Really Necessary?” (top 3 takeaways)
  • Building my network on ResearchGate and a shareable reference library on Mendeley
  • Mentoring Jaki on agile product management – welcome to agileteams, Jaki!

For more information, see Karen Smiley’s LinkedIn profile. You may message Karen there; contact Karen on twitter or ResearchGate; connect to Agile Teams on Facebook; or email her at  firstname at agileteams dot com.

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