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Publications - 'Overview of CMMI® and SPI Lessons From ABB'
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This paper was written and presented by Dr. Aldo Dagnino.
Publication History:
May 22, 2003: at the monthly RTP SPIN meeting.
Background Required:
This presentation assumes minimal familiarity with the and some familiarity with the .
The Software Engineering Institute () is migrating from the Software CMM () to the Integrated CMM () as a means of consolidating its CMM process improvement initiatives under a unified framework. The CMMI was introduced in 2000 and has effectively replaced the SW-CMM.
has successfully migrated from the SW-CMM to CMMI across a variety of business and development groups. They have established a common process framework and a global Engineering Process Group to enable this evolution.
This talk focuses on the following:
  • Quick overview of
  • Overview of from the SW-CMM point of view
  • SW-CMM -> CMMI issues (planning and key challenges)
  • Current state and future evolution of CMMI (level of adoption, weaknesses and future evolution)
  • Experiences of ABB with CMMI
At the end of the presentation, you will have gained a good feel for the CMMI, what it is, and what it implies to software process improvement in your organization.