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Publications - 'Aligning TSP With A Business Decision ("Gate") Model'
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This paper is a collaborative effort by Jan Höglund and Karen Smiley.
Publication History:
December 8, 2003: posted for peer review and comments
Background Required:
This paper assumes some familiarity with the .
This paper discusses a mapping of the phases, launch steps, and artifacts from TSPSM projects to the ABB Gate Model, which is a common approach for making business decisions on projects.
An analysis is made of items in the Gate Model checklists which are addressed well in TSP projects, as a result of the launch/relaunch processes and the team-working processes of TSP.
Note: It builds somewhat upon the paper "Combining Models for Business Decisions and Software Development" published in Sept. 2002 (and later excerpted in the Nov. 2002 issue of IEEE Software) by other members of the Swedish ASPI group.