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Privacy Statement

We are firmly committed to protecting the data and privacy of our clients and colleagues, and all visitors to our sites. We are providing this page to describe when and how we collect and use the information you provide to us, as a result of your use of the Agile Teams websites and/or our materials.

General Information: We respect your right to privacy, just as we hope that others will respect ours. We will never sell or rent your name or personal information to a third party, period. And we do not collect any personally identifiable information from users browsing our pages. Therefore, the statements below on use of information pertain to contacts which you initiate with us. This policy does not cover information we may obtain from using third party services to identify potential theft or misuse of our intellectual property. We do not knowingly market goods or services to children, although we believe the content of this site is safe for children.

Further Information for Citizens of the European Union (EU): The EU has recently adopted a privacy directive which substantially regulates the privacy rights of citizens of the countries of the European Union. We are providing the following information to you if you are such a person. Although we are a global group, our team and our websites are based in the United States. Therefore, any information you provide to us will be transferred out of the EU to the US. Any personal information provided to us by a citizen of the EU will be used by us as described here for any other person. If you do not wish your personal information to leave the EU, do not provide it over the Internet.

Collection and Use of Personal Information: We will use the contact information you provide us to coordinate with you on your use of our materials. With your consent or by your request, we may use your email address to communicate with you about upcoming events (conferences, publications, etc.) which may be of interest. We may also survey you and other colleagues in an attempt to improve our website or other materials. You may request to be excluded from any or all such contacts - see "Opt Out" below.

Professional Courtesy and Use of Agile Teams Materials: To use or reference our materials, you must contact us to obtain our permission, providing us with your name, contact email address, and intended usage. Unless you direct to the contrary, any of the personal information or data you provide during your interactions with us may be maintained in our contact database, which is not accessible via the Internet and will never be shared outside the Agile Teams team without your consent.

Opt Out, Review, Change, or Correct Personal Information: To review, change, or correct any personal information, including the permitted uses of your personal information, or to "opt out" (add your information to our "do not contact" list), simply send an email to of your wishes. We will confirm to you our responses to such requests, unless you direct otherwise.

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