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North Carolina State University, Engineering Online
  CSC 510< Software Engineering/a>, taught by Dr. Aldo Dagnino
Pliant Systems (fka Broadband Technologies), Spring 2000, "Brown Bag University"
  Presentation on "Builds and Configuration Management" .
North Carolina State University, Fall 2001, ECE/CSC 510 course in Software Engineering by Dr. John Sutton and Dr. Aldo Dagnino.
  Guest lecture November 28, 2001 on "Software Test" PDF.
Duke University, Fall 2003, CompSci 109 course in Program Design and Construction by Dr. Richard Lucic and Robert Duvall
  Guest lectures on
October 21, 2003 - "RequirementsPDF
October 23, 2003 - "Software Architecture and DesignPDF.
November 4 & 6, 2003 - "Software Verification and Validation" lecturePDF. Included a homework assignment PDF (solution PDF now posted).
North Carolina State University, Fall 2004, CSC 295T course in Software Testing by Dr. Aldo Dagnino.
  Guest lectured four times during the semester on various "Software Testing" topics (details and PDF's pending) .